ROCA-BHR does have a few demands...
Good command of the Dutch language is of vital importance in order to be eligible for the ROCA-BHR organized programs. In your home country courses in Dutch language, communication and a basic knowledge of Dutch culture will be held. The duration of these courses may vary by occupation, study and project. The average total length is approximately 7 to 8 months full time. Where possible we will do this in sections so you can earn money in the time between courses. Goal is to reach at least Dutch language at CEF-level B-1. After successful completion of the language course you are deemed to have enough control of the Dutch language and culture to live, work and continue studying in the Netherlands. You are now ready to operate professionally within your profession.

Within the agreements to be made, the Dutch employer is prepared to repay you the largest part of the costs of this education.

Participation in the ROCA-BHR programs is under the conditions that you have enough control of the Dutch (and in some cases also English) language to succesfully study and work in the Netherlands.
In the case of aspiring professionals further conditions state that a work experience placement in your field must be available and that the Dutch Centre for Work and Income (CWI) will issue a permit for filling that work experience placement.

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