The concept ROCA-BHR
For candidate practitioners
The concept ROCA-BHR provides a well paid job within the chosen profession with the possibility of follow-up courses in the Netherlands, in which the foreign diploma and experience give you credits to shorten the duration of studies in the Netherlands.
The studies are linked to work-experience places. This means that during your studies you will already be working in the profession connected to the course of your study. You practice what you learn immediately, and practice teaches you to apply the theory. Practice and studies stand in the proportion of four days to one.
For the practice we will find a Dutch employer, acknowledged to educate and willing to pay you during the learning period. You are expected to work in accordance with your level of skills, but with your background this will not be a problem.
This means that even during your studies in the Netherlands you will earn enough to pay for your expenses of housing, living and continuous study in the Netherlands.
Furthermore it is important to know that ROCA-BHR will assist you in finding a suitable place to live and filling out all the necessary forms.
Studying according to the concept ROCA-BHR is not expensive. It gives you the opportunity to obtain European acknowledged diplomas, enhance your professional skills and earn a lot of money. Will you do it, or will you let it pass? The choice is yours!

The number of available places is limited.

For healthcare graduates
There is a lot of demand in the Netherlands for well educated skilled professionals.

Are you a foreign graduate looking for opportunities in the Netherlands? ROCA-BHR is an excellent choice. Since 2002 ROCA-BHR has successfully placed people with Dutch healthcare institutions. ROCA-BHR provides coaching for the job interview with the employer. ROCA-BHR helps you in the course of getting your foreign diploma recognized, and with building a dossier for the job interview with the Dutch employer. Target is a direct employment contract with the Dutch employer. Your salary will equal that of your Dutch collegues and the conditions of employment are the same.

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